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PRO Roadpack tail bag

The PRO Roadpack is a compact bag that fits perfectly on the tail of small and sporty motocycles. The volume of the small tail bag can be increased from 8 to 14 liters with a zipper. An inside pocket with zipper in the lid provides storage for keys, wallet and other small items. In addition to the enclosed loop straps, two Velcro straps and a slot on the underside enable quick and secure attachment to the seat or rack. The stiffened sides, molded EVA lid and straps for tightening the volume expansion guarantee the bag will keep its shape even when used by those who like a sportier ride.

The tail bag from the PRO series is made of indestructible 1680 D Ballistic Nylon, which was originally designed for military use. It also boasts high-quality workmanship and well thought-out features: reflective attachments ensure better visibility, robust lashing hooks secure the bags quickly and easily at the tail, and a MOLLE attachment on the top allows accessory bags to be attached.

The patented lashing hooks allow flexible attachment of the PRO tail bags. The straps are hooked and tensioned in one step. To remove the bag, the strap is released in one easy step and removed from the lashing eyelet by pulling on the drawstring. The excess strap length can be secured to the strap with a Velcro® fastener. This allows the bag to be used on different motorcycles, and the strap length can be adjusted accordingly.

Technikai jellemzők:

        • Universal fit for almost all motorcycles
        • Top of the bag is made of laminated and dimensionally stable EVA material.
        • Zipper mesh compartment in the lid
        • Volume expansion in the bottom from 8 to 14 liters
        • Underside made of anti-slip material
        • Robust lashing eyes for secure fastening of the bag at 4 points and for lashing accessory bags
        • Made of durable and highly UV-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon with splashproof inner lining
        • Reflective details for better visibility
        • Zipper management: Elastic loops prevent the zipper pulls from fluttering
        • MOLLE attachment made of stable Hypalon material on the upper side for attaching accessory bags.
        • Simple and quick attachment of the bag to the motorcycle with loop straps with a patented lashing hook.
        • Weather protection thanks to the supplied waterproof inner bag
        • Sturdy carrying handle

Helyszínen, időpont egyeztetéssel, akár azonnal végezzük motorok, autók műszaki vizsgáját.

Helyszínen, időpont egyeztetéssel, akár azonnal végezzük motorok, autók eredetiség vizsgálatát.

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